Yes, that's right. I'll review your copy for free.

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Strap up yer boots

Free copy review of your website, ads, landing page or sales doc

Includes copy suggestions, content flow ideas and strategy insight

Detailed feedback via email sent to your inbox within 3 business days

Are you ready to get a full-on, no holds-barred, direct review of your marketing copy?


You may have found this page because your best-friend's aunt's granddaughter heard about a free copy review that some pro copywriter is doing. Or you could have just seen it on my profile on the 'gram.

It doesn't matter now, because you're here and I can tell you that it's true.

Yes, I'm offering YOU a review of the copy on your website, advert, landing page or sales doc - FOR FREE.

Do any of these sound familiar?

** You may have a new or revamped website and you're happy with the copy. But you just want to make sure, ya know, just in case.

** You've launched a product and you've done everything the guru's have taught you, but sales are hardly flooding in. What's happening?

** You're getting a load of visitors to your landing page, but conversions are low. Agghh!

** You spent hours on those ads. You thought they were top class. But, for some reason, no-one's clicking.

** Your sales docs or emails are looking sparkly and lovely. Your copy, on the other hand, isn't.

If you're currently struggling with any of these, or if you're just not sure if your copy is hitting the right notes, then you're in the best place, my friend!

What you need to do to get reviewed:

1. Fill in the form below.

2. Provide as much information as possible, as this will enable me to tailor the review to your specific goals, which increases your chances of where you need to be.

3. Wait for your inbox to ping!

Now, clearly I'd love to work with you thereafter to help you implement the recommendations put forward, but you're under no obligation to do so.

You can do a runner with the copy review gold, or come back to me with open arms. Totally your call. No hard feelings either way. Apart from I may like you a smidge less if you scarpered. But, no pressure. Really.

So if you can handle a no-holds barred, full on, direct critique of your marketing copy, then strap yourself in...
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