Landing Page Copy - Spec


DoorDash Inc. is a US on-demand prepared food delivery service founded in 2013. It is one of several technology companies that uses logistics services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand.

Background & Problem

The creative brief was to deliver a landing page and copy for DoorDash Small Restaurants/ Merchants, geared towards small independently owned restaurants who are not currently DoorDash Partners.

They already offer takeout and have a loyal following of core customers but are sceptical of new technology and services. They will reach this landing page when customers click through on Facebook.


The landing page strongly highlights the key benefits for small restaurants – reach of services to new clientele and the ability to generate sharply higher profits.

Reading further builds on this theme, then driving home the message of how easy it is to become a partner restaurant.

At the end of the page, as a secondary response, the reader can get more information and ask any additional questions by speaking directly to a DoorDash expert.

The tone is casual-professional, simple and reassuring.


What they said

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