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Elysium Surveyors is a London based Chartered Surveyors, which specialises in valuing property in London and its surrounding areas.

Background & Problem

Ed Ellis started Elysium Surveyors as an antidote to the often jargon-heavy, staid property surveyors that predominately exist in the London valuations market.

Ed needed copy for his website that highlighted its different approach to dealing with consumers  - a desire to provide clients with quality valuation, advice and insight but one that also removes the complexities and jargon so inherent within the property market.

This needed to be the case whilst remaining informative, detailed and engaging for the viewer.


Given the distance in locations, we spent time speaking with Mark, ensuring that we were on the same page and understood the brief provided and his vision.

The site only has a few pages, with importance directed to the company’s philosophy but appropriately reflects the clean, modern and minimalist style desired by the client.

The design additionally remains simple but vibrant and interspersed with colour.


Elysium Surveyors removes the complexities, takes out the jargon and provide quality valuations, advice and insight to clients in simple and straight terms.

What they said

"I commissioned Dan to design and produce copy for, as well as direct the build of, my website for my business. I had previously tried out others who were not able to represent me in the way I wanted.

Dan was different. From the word go, he really understood me and my business. He provided me with many ideas, which were creative, professional and slick.

He has now produced copy and a site that I love - ahead of deadline and on budget.

I would definitely use him again in the future for other work and would recommend him to anyone needing any form of copy.”
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