Kris Amliwala

Long-Form Sales Page, Email Funnel

Kris Amliwala

Kris Amliwala, of Designer Wealth Management, provides financial planning and investment advice and in based in Leicestershire.

Background & Problem

Kris Amliwala, a Chartered Financial Planner at Designer Wealth Management, was looking to build both his personal and business brand. The focus was to ultimately gain new clients, but he was unsure what path this should take. He approached Copy by Dan, not just looking for great copy work, but to also get good strategic advice on how to structure the process and formulate a long-term relationship.


We created a strategy that would start with building a long-from sales page to get prospective couples, unsure about how to deal with their retirement finances, to book a free call with Kris, direct from the page. Once the call was booked through Kris' Calendly app, they would receive a series of nurturing emails, ensuring the prospective client keeps engaged in the process. Following the call, if the prospective client remains unsure, they would receive a further email series, with a focus on conversion.


What they said

"The focus was to boost my personal and business brand. By extracting the right information from me, Dan helped me understand what needed to be done and how to get there. He adapted his style to suit my voice to provide persuasive, interesting and clean copy and nailed the whole thing first time.
He was always on hand, responsive and just a breeze to work with. If you need some copy gold, get Dan on you team right now!"

Kris Amliwala, APFS RLP

Designer Wealth Management

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