Want better conversion and retention? You need an experienced financial copywriter.

I help financial and fintech businesses build a content strategy and produce stronger copy that resonates with their client base.

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It's the copy that will grow your business

The financial marketing industry is in a state of flux. It’s made up of 50 year-old companies who struggle to connect with their increasingly younger client base and new start-ups who find it hard to balance their brand and tone with experienced customer segments. And everything in between.

This is why developing the right tone of voice, with a carefully planned content and copy strategy, geared to your business, is crucial.

An experienced financial copywriter on your team can be your secret sauce.

"He adopted a style to fit our target audience, which has seen our engagement levels increase dramatically."
Chris Chadwick
Head of Schemes & Commercial, Bartlett Group

And it's true for each stage of the process...

  1. Awareness. For some reason, financial companies love talking in jargon and business speak. They think it makes them appear knowledgeable, authoritative and in control. In fact, all it does is alienate the reader. A strong messaging strategy focuses on clarity. Explaining financial products simply can be difficult, so I’ll take out the jargon and replace it with copy that resonates with your audience.
  2. Engagement. Customer expectations in the financial sector have evolved, especially in recent years. Technology advancements, changing demographics and increased competition are just some reasons why many financial institutions are falling behind. They no longer know what their customer journey looks like and so find it hard to engage. I’ll help you build the best strategy that connects with your customers by understanding what they care about, analytically and emotionally.
  3. Onboarding. The onboarding process for financial companies has often been its downfall. Even if the product is new, exciting and perfect for the potential client, onboarding them with a slow and complicated walkthrough process results in high drop-off rates. I’ll help you avoid this with a clear and powerful onboarding experience that gives your potential client a taste of the great customer service to follow.
  4. Relationship development. Once a client is secured, many businesses tend to leave their client to their own devices with minimal communication. For customer retention, building a strong relationship though well planned and directed copywriting will help you control, analyse and monitor your clients, enabling you keep them on board.

Without the right copy in your funnel, your business could struggle to grow and build on its success.

With it, it’s like rocket fuel.

What would you like your financial business to look like in the next 2 years?

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Could I be the Financial Copywriter your business craves?

Hi, I’m Dan, a fintech and financial copywriter with nearly 25 years of relevant experience.

  • I worked directly in financial markets as an investment analyst for 15 years
  • I ran my own fintech for 5 years
  • I’ve been writing content and copy for over 20 years
  • I’m a Chartered Fellow of the CISI

That background has resulted in me understanding the difference between average copy and great, converting copy. And it is this:

In-depth research and analysis.

It’s crucial for success. It’s the reason why I’ve been able to:

  • Generate a 62% average email funnel open rate for an investment fund platform
  • Double the expected downloads of an eBook for a financial client
  • Create a 61% average open rate on emails for a large insurance business
  • See 40% of downloads turn into solid leads from 1 lead magnet for a RegTech client

I’ve worked with everyone from wealth management companies and RegTech compliance specialists to growing fintechs and techfins, insurance brokers and established financial houses.

With 100+ projects under my belt for dozens of clients, I’ve got a lot of real-world, strategic and business copy expertise.

Think we’re a good match?

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"Marketing assets that = brand awareness and income for the business..."

“Highly recommend Dan for any copywriting, his research and knowledge of FS helped us put together marketing assets that = brand awareness and income for the business. He’s also good with people like me, who struggle to get down in writing what it is I want!”
Sam Oakes, Client Relationship & Marketing Director at Financial Planner Life & Recruit UK
Sam Oakes

What’s the process like?

Why are you looking for a financial copywriter? It could be that:

  • It’s just too hard to turn complex, jargon heavy info into something that’s easy to understand for your customers.
  • Writing compelling copy and content takes too long. Time is not on your side.
  • You’re putting out the content, but it’s not doing anything for you. Viewers aren’t reading and prospects aren’t converting.
  • It’s stressful. Emails, lead magnets, articles, case-studies… oh and that website refresh you’ve been putting off for two years now… it’s a treadmill.

Sound familiar? Let me take away the pressure.

Time saved > Less stress > More leads > Stronger conversion > More clients

Because, it’s not just words. It’s about business growth. And I make this process as easy and stress free as possible. This is how I work:

Discovery & Scope

We’ll get on a 20-minute call to discuss your business, you’re current marketing process, talk strategy and set some business goals. If you’ve got some numbers on the success of your current marketing projects, get them handy! 

If we decide we want to work together, I’ll send you a project proposal and plan of action. It will include all deliverables, defined timelines and costing. I require 25% upfront payment to start work.

Research & Analysis

I’m going to ask you a lot of questions. It will start with a detailed questionnaire tailored to your business. It will cover all aspects of your company, customers, competition, expectations and much more.

I do a lot of analysis of your market, industry, trends and where you fit into it. This is important to understand how you can stand out and make an impact, as well as what to avoid. If required, I’ll speak to your team, clients and industry experts to get first-hand feedback.

We’ll talk about your communication style, brand strength and tone of voice.

If you’re unsure about this, then don’t worry – I can put together a clear guide that will get you communicating in the right way for your customer base.

The research and analysis process is necessary and takes a bit of time. This is especially so when it comes to complex financial copy. But, stick with it because it will be completely worth it to figure out the most effective messaging and communication strategy.

Copywriting & SEO

Once all the background work is done, it’s full steam ahead. I’ll get writing and provide you with a strong first draft copy. All projects are keyword researched and SEO optimised for full impact. I’ll include a couple of editing rounds, but often the first draft ends up being the last draft.

We go through the feedback and if you have a designer or developer, I’ll be in close collaboration with them to ensure everything runs smoothly.

And don’t be concerned about not hearing from me as you’ll be kept informed as to my progress at each stage.

Project done!

Well, sort of. Once it’s all complete, I’ll stick around to review its performance. Thereafter, we can work together to test and iterate. Testing is crucial because no-one knows how it will perform before it does.

My clients tend to see marked improvements on the first try, but iterating for even stronger returns is ideal to hit and smash project goals.

"I was so impressed with not only his knowledge of our industry (compliance technology), but also the level of research he does for each project"

“Our Marketing department was stretched thin, and we needed a copywriter ASAP to support our content initiatives. I reached out to Dan to complete a pilot project for us, and I was so impressed with not only his knowledge of our industry (compliance technology), but also the level of research he does for each project.

Since then, Dan has delivered many high-value Marketing assets for us including eBooks and blog posts. He is so easy to work with - Once I have a new project, I reach out and he is quick to respond and get started. Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation, Dan is always the first copywriter I suggest!”
Amanda Brief, Marketing Director at Clausematch

Looking for a financial copywriter? Let's get this done

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