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I write strategic, easy to understand content and copy for financial brands to drive action and boost conversions.  

”Dan wrote an eBook for us, which got DOUBLE the downloads we'd normally expect.
40% of these turned into solid new leads
, which frankly is amazing."

Amanda Brief
Marketing Director, Clausematch
Sam Oakes Recruit UK

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Still doing things the old way? Don't get left behind and start speaking human.

You’re struggling.

Unable to escape the frustration of crafting some witty prose, constructing an email sequence that converts or even write a website that builds awareness of your brand.

It’s daunting. It’s time consuming. It’s just not your thing.

But it needs to be done and done well. Because, you understand that getting your messaging right and projecting it in a unique way is what makes you better and sets you apart from everyone else.  

I’m on a mission to help forward-thinking businesses like yours get their prospects to listen and feel driven to make contact.

So, stop leaving money on the table and let’s figure out how we can work together.

SaaS business podcast repurpose

Boost your podcast followers and build brand awareness

Optimise your podcast outreach with engaging content that resonates with your audience. Just make your podcast and leave the rest to me.

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About me

I transform data into insights that get better results

Hi, I'm Dan, a financial and fintech copywriter

My background as an financial analyst means I’m all about the detail. I conduct deep market research, do strategic analysis and convert it into easy to understand language that gets your audience to take action.

From discovering hidden insight and developing an emotive story, to geeking out on the numbers, I do what it takes to get you results.  

With the right copy, your audience will find it easier to understand your business and buy from you.  

Now imagine what you could achieve if you had the right financial copywriter on your team.  

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Let's get real

We'd all love to generate more awareness and sales for our business or venture.
And I get it - it's not always easy.
The good news is that you don't need to rely on hope to make it happen.

So, what can I do to give your business the boost it needs?
Well, the first thing you should do is take the following
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You need some help!

You’ve been having a tough time lately and your business is in need of a boost to get it going.

The first thing I should say, though is:

Don’t Worry. Remain calm.

By arriving at this site, you’ve taken the first step in enacting change in your business.

Good, well researched and intuitive copywriting that is relevant to you and your business can certainly provide you with the help you need to propel your business forward.

No more wasted time, money or effort allowed – only investments that will make a positive difference!

I can help you with that and all you need to do is ask.

Make the change

You're a little unsure how to proceed

You appear to be a little unsure about what you want or need.

You realise that you need some help to give your business a boost and take it to the next level but how to achieve that is somewhat of an unknown to you at this stage.

It’s likely that you’ve attempted to write your copy yourself and have even spent some $$ to get more high value customers on board but the return has been low.

No fear! We can change that.

Good, well researched copywriting that is relevant to you and your business can have a significant, positive influence to bring in more custom and boost conversions.

Schedule a call and let’s discuss how I can help you give your business the uplift it needs.

Playing it cool

You're great at what you do. Me too.

You’re a bit more sceptical than others about how copywriting can help your business.

It’s likely you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and maybe even $$ on pushing your business forward. Heck – you’re a good writer and paying someone else to do it for you isn’t going to make that much difference, right?

Listen, you’re great at what you do.

But strong, well researched copy that’s intuitive specifically for you and your business can make a world of difference.

And that’s what I do.

You just may be surprised at the positive impact it could have.

Schedule a call and let’s discuss how I can help.


”We wanted to scale up our content production but needed a helping hand. When we got Dan on board, he got to know our company, tone of voice and the inner workings of our industry - fast. Our industry is not for the weak-hearted or dull-minded. But that doesn't discourage Dan. He "simply" gobbles up heaps of complex technical information, transforms it into value-driven copy and delivers promptly.

From my experience, freelancers tend to play it safe by writing business-neutral content fit for robots. Dan's work doesn't blend into the mediocre crowd. He delivers targeted and informative content with a dash of humour that makes sure that people don't snore their way through your website. And he doesn't deliver and disappear. He always follows up to ensure that you're satisfied with his work.

Thinking about bringing Dan onto your team? Go for it. You won’t regret it."

Sarah Chase
Marketing Specialist, BIMobject
Sam Oakes Recruit UK

My philosophy

Research, strategy and words.
In that order.

Review, revise,
test and

Perfected copy delivered on time. Let’s celebrate!

What i offer you

If we decide to work together, you get:

A Sense of Relief

I’m a skilled fintech writer with many years of experience.

Long and short, persuasive copy across financial and fintech sectors.

I Do My Homework

We don’t have a quick chat and 'boom', brilliant copy!

I find out about you and your company, understand, strategise, devise and revise.

Then we get the BOOM!

I Hit My Deadlines

Every. Single. Time.
So there’s no need to fret.

Once I’ve got what I need from you, you can go back to doing what you do best – running your business.

Or you could go to Bali. Or get some ice cream. Or whatever.

You Will Enjoy The Ride

I take on projects with people and companies where we fit well.

This is a collaborative experience and it should be fun.

services and pricing


Copy specifically written to propel your business forward


Is your inbox full of email fluff? Do you receive a ton of emails that you keep ignoring, which end up in your 'Junk Box'?

I’ll provide you with a headline-grabbing sequence of 4-8 emails that gets your audience opening and clicking.

Done correctly, email sequences can be one of the quickest ways to garner interest, build relationships and boost conversions.

Your new email sequence will be the antithesis of email fluff.



Building your website from scratch or just needing a refresh?
Your new copy will build, direct, persuade and convert.

No more boring, blasé BS.

It doesn’t matter if your website looks all shiny and new or if it hasn’t been updated since Super Mario 64:

It’s the copy that drives your business connections.

Don’t risk getting it wrong.



You’ve attracted a prospective buyer to your landing page.

Your landing page copy is pants and fails to convert.

It is all very well getting someone half-way through a process. But what about the rest of the journey?

Landing pages need to have a purpose.
I'll provide you with copy that engages your customer and generates conversions.  



You’ve built your product, course or service and are raring to go. It is time to share it with the world.

I'll get to the heart of your project and understand the keys that unlock consumer interest and find solutions to the customer’s pain points.

Your copy will be engaging and informative but definitely not salesy.

Instead of copy that shouts “BUY ME”, your reader will be shouting “I NEED YOU”.
Big difference.



"Before working with Dan our client communication was inconsistent in both tone and frequency. From the first meeting Dan took the time to understand our business and our clients. He advised on various methods of communication with a frequency that would work for both us and our clients.

He then adopted a style to fit our target audience, which has seen our engagement levels increase dramatically. We now have a schedule of engaging and informative content that our clients really connect with."

Chris Chadwick
Head of Schemes & Commerical, Bartlett Group


”Dan is a highly skilled copywriter. He listened to our requirements, did a ton of in-depth research and turned this into sharp messaging and copy that was totally on-point. He figured out how to relay the topic in our brand voice and in a very compelling way. The result was just what we were after and in an amazingly fast turnaround too.

If you want a smart writer who’s also a great strategist and easy to work with, you need to hire this guy."

Sam Oakes
Marketing Director, Recruit UK


"Our Marketing department was stretched thin, and we needed a copywriter ASAP to support our content initiatives. I reached out to Dan to complete a pilot project for us, and I was so impressed with not only his knowledge of our industry (compliance technology), but also the level of research he does for each project.

Since then, Dan has delivered many high-value Marketing assets for us. He is so easy to work with - Once I have a new project, I reach out and he is quick to respond and get started."

Amanda Brief
Marketing Director, Clausematch


“The focus was to boost my personal and business brand. By extracting the right information from me, Dan helped me understand what needed to be done and how to get there. He adapted his style to suit my voice to provide persuasive, interesting and clean copy and nailed the whole thing first time.

He was always on hand, responsive and just a breeze to work with. If you need some copy gold, get Dan on you team right now!”

Kris Amliwala, CFP
Designer Wealth Management


”We needed a copywriter to help us engage our target audience. I reached out to Dan for support and was very impressed with the level of deep research he has done to understand our niche offering (Shariah-compliant investment products) and his compelling writing skills. Dan has delivered on high value assets such as tone of voice document which is our reference point even for social media content, newsletters which are the hero documents for our website’s knowledge centre, and interesting email marketing content which spoke to our audience.  

We highly recommend working with Dan! He has a great attitude, always ready to support and is very responsive."

Luma Itani
Digital Marketing Lead, Mnaara


“We needed a copywriter to resonate with a specific niche of our client base. Dan clearly researched and analyzed our technology and the value we provide, which resulted in a brilliant finished product that effectively spoke to our audience.

He’s a sharp and versatile writer with a great attitude, who also provided feedback and advice that helped with our process. Dan’s a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend him more!”

Samantha Shankman
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Navan


“Dan is a wealth of knowledge for all things marketing. He has been supporting Coptek's marketing strategy by offering clear, yet ground-breaking insights. His customer-centric approach to copywriting is intuitive and highly effective.

I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to both craft a marketing strategy and bring their website's copy or general content to the next level. ”

Louis Goldberg
CEO, Coptek Copper


From my experience, freelancers tend to play it safe by writing business-neutral content fit for robots. Dan's work doesn't blend into the mediocre crowd. He delivers targeted and informative content with a dash of humour that makes sure that people don't snore their way through your website. And he doesn't deliver and disappear. He always follows up to ensure that you're satisfied with his work.

Thinking about bringing Dan onto your team? Go for it. You won’t regret it.”

Sarah Chase
Marketing Specialist, BIMobject

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