Is your website* winning you new business around the clock?

* email funnel, podcast, sales page etc...

"He adopted a style to fit our target audience, which has seen our engagement levels increase dramatically."

Before working with Dan our client communication was inconsistent in both tone and frequency. From the first meeting Dan took the time to understand our business and our clients. He advised on various methods of communication with a frequency that would work for both us and our clients.

He then adopted a style to fit our target audience, which has seen our engagement levels increase dramatically. We now have a schedule of engaging and informative content that our clients really connect with."

Kris Amliwala Designer Wealth Management
Chris Chadwick
Head of Schemes & Commercial, Bartlett Group

"I was so impressed with not only his knowledge of our industry but also the level of research he does for each project."

“Our Marketing department was stretched thin, and we needed a copywriter ASAP to support our content initiatives. I reached out to Dan to complete a pilot project for us, and I was so impressed with not only his knowledge of our industry (compliance technology), but also the level of research he does for each project.

Since then, Dan has delivered many high-value Marketing assets for us. He is so easy to work with - once I have a new project, I reach out and he is quick to respond and get started.”

Louis Goldberg Coptek Copper
Amanda Brief
Marketing Director, Clausematch

Because, if it's not, you're losing customers

How do clients find you?

Through Google/ SEO, word or mouth, an event you attended, social media, cold email... frankly it doesn't matter. They've found you - and that's great.

Much of the traffic that discovers you could even be made up of your ideal customers. But, if your messaging or copy is confusing and uninspiring, interest immediately drops and you become forgettable. Customer lost. Worst nightmare.

Confusing copy doesn't convert.

Isn't it time your copy reflected the value you offer? 

Are you ready to build understanding, trust and an engaged audience that makes you THE stand out brand your peers drool over?

Get the ROI you crave with a pro copywriter that does the research, analyses the results and persuades your customers to act on what they read.

The packages below make it easy for you to get started.

SaaS Copywriter strategic thinking
Website review revamp video summary copy suggestions

The Website Revamp - £795

Your current website hasn't been updated in some time and you know it's struggling to keep up. But you're not yet ready for a total overhaul.

The Website Revamp is a full-on review of your website. It takes your stale and struggling copy and pumps it up with life and energy. It shifts your thinking from "I can't do this" to "This makes so much more sense now".

Your feeling of desperation will change to one of positivity.

A full video review of up to 5 of the most important pages of your website.

A written summary of the review, including key action points and ideas.

Includes clear headline and body copy suggestions, content flow ideas and strategy insight.

Focused on areas that will drive conversions across your site.


Website Copywriting

Is your website working for you 24/7? Is it helping drive interest and sales while you sleep?

This done-for-you service aims to transform your web copy into a highly-converting sales machine. I'll use your voice and combine it with copywriting techniques and strategies that get you more business.

You may have struggled to get your website copy right for some time or it may not have been updated since you last played Super Mario 64. One thing's for sure: 

It’s the copy that drives your business connections.

So, don’t risk getting it wrong. Whether you're building your website from scratch ready for a launch or needing a full overhaul, your new copy will provide clarity, deliver a smooth UX, persuade and convert.

Say goodbye to boring, blasé BS copy.

Messaging and brand positioning.

Research and analysis into your business, customers and competitors.

Website strategy and wireframing.

SEO/ Keyword enhanced conversion copy across your site.

Website Copywriting for small sites starts at £3,000

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Website conversion copywriting to increase profit
Email funnel copywriting

Email Funnel Copy

Is your inbox full of email fluff? Do you ignore a ton of emails, which end up being diverted to your 'Junk Box'?

Don't let your marketing emails suffer the same fate. I’ll provide you with a headline-grabbing email sequence that gets your audience opening and clicking.

Done correctly, email sequences can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to garner interest, build relationships and boost conversions. And with a 44x ROI, can be SO much more effective than running social media campaigns.

Whether you need an onboarding sequence, pre and post launch emails or a regular flow of valuable email content, your new email sequence will be the antithesis of email fluff.

Find out how I'm averaging 60% email open rates for my clients (industry ave: 21%).

Email funnel copy starts at £975

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Podcast Copy Power

Podcast creation is hard. So why aren't you making the most of the content you generate? 

I get it. The time and effort it takes to just get your podcast out to the masses is huge. So the thought of turning that into even more content is daunting, time consuming and just not your thing.

But the value you could be leaving on the table is crazy.

Rocket propel your brand awareness, leads and sales by repurposing your finance, SaaS or business podcast content.

My podcast packages will generate a multi-faceted sales funnel that puts your ideal client on a path that always leads back to you.

Podcast packages start at £985

Repurpose podcast with blog email social copy
Landing page sales copy that makes money

Landing Page/ Sales Copy

You’ve attracted a prospective buyer to your landing page. Yeah!

Your landing page copy is pants and fails to convert. Boo!

It is all very well getting someone half-way through a process. But what about the rest of the journey?

Landing pages and any sales copy (brochures, lead magnets, e-Books, blog posts etc) need to have a purpose.

I'll get to the heart of your project and understand the keys that unlock consumer interest and find solutions to the customer’s pain points. Your copy will be engaging and informative but definitely not salesy.

Instead of copy that shouts “BUY ME”, your reader will be shouting “I NEED YOU”. Big difference.

e-Book copywriting starts at £1,750

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Are you a B2B SaaS/ Finance company that struggles to speak human?

Do you long to break out of the geek speak and make actual emotional connections with your audience that lead to sales?