How I turn the 'MEH' into the 'WOW!'

HOW the process works

Research led, results driven

Getting to know you

You get in contact and we schedule a free 20-30 minute call to discuss you, your business, your goals and expectations.

You will get an understanding from me of how I can help you and how long the project may take to completion. We chat, laugh and talk about old times. Well, not quite but we will decipher if we can work well together.

Proposal and Scope

We're on the same wavelength and work well together! Yesss!

I review our discussion and send you a proposal by email, outlining the details and scope of the project we discussed, including cost and kick-off date.

You agree and we formalise it by you signing an agreement. At this point you pay 25% of the project fee.

Knuckling down

I start beavering away and working my socks off on your project. This phase encompasses three parts:

I build a thorough understanding of your business, your industry and your competition. This does not mean a quick browse of a few websites. This is in-depth research and necessary to build a complete picture of how you fit into your industry. For larger projects, this may involve sending you and/or your colleagues a questionnaire, speaking to you and your employees or customers and analysis of feedback. The idea here is to understand what people – you, your employees and customers REALLY think about your business. What frustrates them. What delights them. What secretly they would like to change.

This goes to the heart of identifying your brand voice and how this can be clearly demonstrated across your piece. Are you an entrepreneur brimming with self-confidence or a established business ready to take the leap to the next level? Who is your ideal customer? Why do they want to connect and buy from you? How can they reach you?

I summarise my findings, develop an overview and start typing. I’ll provide you with a breakdown of the messaging, concepts and copy that should be presented in each section. We review and finalise the outline. Then I will come back to you with a strong draft copy.

Feedback and Revisions

You return to me with your feedback to the draft, which may also include answers to any follow up questions I had. And no pressure - you can revise as many times as you want.

All through the process, I’ll be in close collaboration with your designer and/or developer, should you have one, to ensure everything runs as smooth as the hum of an Aston Martin V-12 Vantage.

And you don’t need to be concerned about not hearing from me because you will be kept informed as to my progress at each stage.

Time to call your Mum

We’ve nailed it! You'll be provided with the final perfect copy and I’ll ensure that you'll end up calling your Mum to tell her all about it.

You make the remaining 75% charge.  I’ll still be around for follow-ups and as we’ve struck up a relationship, I’m always keen to check in on you to gauge the impact post production.


“We needed a copywriter to resonate with a specific niche of our client base. Dan clearly researched and analyzed our technology and the value we provide, which resulted in a brilliant finished product that effectively spoke to our audience.

He’s a sharp and versatile writer with a great attitude, who also provided feedback and advice that helped with our process. Dan’s a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend him more!”

Samantha Shankman
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Navan
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