about me

Well, not really.

I couldn't have an entire page just for me, could I?

you're first

It's mainly about you

As soon as you sign up, you become a priority in my life.

We build a relationship and I give you great copy that gets eye-balls glued to your product.
And when the till starts ringing, you'll begin to fully understand how copy can be your personal key that unlocks the future success of your business.

You see, words are powerful. Formed correctly, with the right emphasis, personality and tone for your specific brand, it can be the competitive advantage you crave that makes you stand out from the competition.

My focus is to provide you with that extra edge.
To build your brand, inspire your readers and take you forward.

And at the same time, help rid the internet of mediocre, lacklustre copy.

Because, you wouldn't settle for same-old, same-old, right?
Me neither.


“We needed a copywriter to resonate with a specific niche of our client base. Dan clearly researched and analyzed our technology and the value we provide, which resulted in a brilliant finished product that effectively spoke to our audience.

He’s a sharp and versatile writer with a great attitude, who also provided feedback and advice that helped with our process. Dan’s a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend him more!”

Samantha Shankman
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my turn

A quick bio

I could write the usual blurb right here all about my background, education and work experience … yadda yadda yadda.

Will that get you to hire me? Will that help?

You said ‘maybe a bit’, didn’t you?

Okay, well then here’s a few bullets that could be of interest:

Worked in wealth management and banking for 20 years as a financial analyst (attention to detail is in my genes).

Written countless informational and sales driven documents and copy about companies and industries in sectors such as: retail, finance, technology, telecommunications, media, real estate, construction, metals, mining, commodities, energy and more...

Had articles published in business magazines and been quoted everywhere from The Wall Street Journal to The Daily Telegraph.

Married, with three gorgeous little girls.

A stickler for grammar, a lover of lists and an Excel whiz.

Obsessive about doing the right thing and doing it well.

And the result...

... is someone who is able to provide you with highly focused, distinct copy with the right tone of voice for you and your industry.

It doesn't matter if you're a startup or a sprawling enterprise, I’ll get your readers to connect with you and your brand.
And given my background, the likelihood is that I’ve analysed your industry before.
This means I can uniquely get to grips with your business, your competitors and industry faster than others.

Killer Copy. Customer focused. Conversion driven.

This gets you lots
more sales.