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The website review that takes your old copy and gives it new converting powers

How do you know you need a website copy makeover?

If you're not ready (yet) for a full-on copy overhaul, the Website Revamp focuses on existing copy and optimises it for conversion.

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** converting powers**

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Website Revamp

What's included?

A detailed discovery questionnaire that helps me understand your business, tone of voice, competition, products and goals for the site.

A fully comprehensive video review of up to 5 of the most important pages of your website. I'll walk you through how messaging and marketing strategies can be incorporated with the aim of turning visitors into buyers.

Clear headline and body copy suggestions, UX direction, content flow ideas and strategy insights.

A written summary of the review, including key action points and ideas.

A 30 minute follow-up call to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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How long will it take?
Once payment is made, your website review will hit your inbox within 7 calendar days (assuming prompt response to the questionnaire).

How much does it cost?
The cost of the 5-page Website Revamp is £795.

Why 5 pages? What if I only want a single page review?
Most websites tend to have at least 5 pages: Home, About, Services, Resources, Contact etc. However, if you only want a single page reviewed, the cost of a 1-page Website Revamp is £195.

What is the Website Revamp NOT?
1. It is not a full copywriting service. I won't be rewriting all of your copy - that would involve much more work. However, I will provide copy suggestions for headings, sub-heads and body copy where I can see the opportunity for immediate impact, improvement and quick wins.

2. I will provide views on UX and copy flow, but this doesn't include a review on your design or images.

3. My full copywriting service would build in key SEO and keyword techniques. With limited time, such research cannot be included here but may incorporate some suggestions where appropriate.

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