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Turn your podcast into WEEKS worth of content that gets you more leads and sales

podcast creation is hard

Build a content plan that:

** builds your brand **
** boosts your visibility **
** and gives you a crazy ROI **

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The Podcast Copy Package

Well done, Podcaster!


Everyone is doing it. Podcasts are popping up everywhere and you've got in on it too.

Although it's a great way to build awareness of your brand and showcase your expertise, YOU KNOW that podcasting isn't easy.

From the topic and content creation, to the strategy, editing and distribution, producing a successful podcast and being consistent with it takes A LOT of HARD work.

So, well done, Podcaster - making it work is no mean feat! You're expanding your reach and scaling up and that's great.

And now that you've done ALL that hard work to get your chat out to the masses, you can sit back, relax and revel in your success. Right?

Podcast microphone
Podcast voice resonate

No time to relax (for me)


(Well, it's kinda right...because I'm going to do all the extra work.)

You've made the podcast, but by just leaving it at that, you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

Why don't you make that same podcast work SO MUCH harder for you?

What if you could turn that 1 podcast into a WHIRLWIND of content and copy that gets you

>> loads more raving fans
>> a ton of additional leads
>> the opportunity to land new clients

would you do it?

I think you just said "HELL YEAH!".

Podcasts with purpose

There are many reasons why you started your podcast. It may be to build an audience, to expand your network, to showcase your authority or simply because you know your knowledge and insight will help others out there.

Repurposing your content gets your message out to different audiences on multiple platforms without recreating the original content.

Not everyone likes, or has the ability, to listen to podcasts, but that doesn't mean they don't want to hear what you've got to say.

Give them a choice. Let them engage and connect with you in the way that suits them best.

And doing so will provide you with multiple benefits that all LEAD BACK TO YOU:

>> A new audience
>> More traffic directed back to your website = Improved SEO
>> Stronger targeted messaging
>> Greater opportunities for your content to be shared
>> More brand awareness
>> Become more widely known as THE expert in your field

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Rocket launch copywriting

The podcast copy project

Hand over your finance, SaaS or B2B podcast to me and I'll work my copy magic to turn it into:

>> A blog post or fact sheet that gets your audience interested and engaged
>> Social media posts that resonate with your ideal clients
>> Conversion emails that build your brand and convert your leads

This package will provide you with a multi-faceted sales funnel that puts your ideal client on a path that always leads back to you.

A path that showcases your expertise, your uniqueness and why your service or product is an invaluable necessity.

Build your brand and ROCKET PROPEL your business forward with a podcast content marketing plan.



Your podcast will be transformed into:

1 x Evergreen Blog Post
(c.800 words) or 1-2 Page Fact-Sheet
5 x Social Media Posts
2 x Conversion Emails




Your two podcasts will be transformed into:

2 x Evergreen Blog Posts
(c.800 words each) or 1-2 Page Fact-Sheets
10 x Social Media Posts
4 x Conversion Emails




Your three podcasts will be transformed into:

3 x Evergreen Blog Posts
(c.800 words each) or 1-2 Page Fact-Sheets
15 x Social Media Posts
6 x Conversion Emails

Don't see the combo you need? Let's TALK!

Are you ready to 10x your podcast? 

Get an expert conversion copywriter who will take your podcast and propel it forward.

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