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Navan is a SaaS business travel and financial expense platform.

Background & Problem

Navan was looking to leverage its new product to C-Suite executives and financial professionals. They needed someone with a background in finance and experience dealing with CEOs and CFOs to help them market the product through conversion-enhancing copy, initially via blog posts and guides.


The focus was to produce SEO enhanced articles specifically geared to CFOs and finance teams, with the goal being to build awareness and leads for the TripActions Liquid brand.

The first few posts included the following topics (images below):

Here’s How CFOs Can Use Spend Data To Optimize Cash Flow

How Real-Time Spend Visibility Improves Efficiency and Decision Making for Finance Teams

What the Consumerization of B2B Payments Means for Your Spend Management Solution


What they said

“We needed a copywriter to resonate with a specific niche of our client base. Dan clearly researched and analyzed our technology and the value we provide, which resulted in a brilliant finished product that effectively spoke to our audience.

He’s a sharp and versatile writer with a great attitude, who also provided feedback and advice that helped with our process. Dan’s a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend him more!”

Samantha Shankman, Senior Content Marketing Manager


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