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Sharp Equity

Sharp equity formed in 2016 in London and provides investment research in technology and telecoms equities to asset managers and hedge funds.

Background & Problem

Sharp Equity operates in an increasingly competitive landscape of independent investment research providers.

More providers are coming into the market and pricing is tough. The company needed to stand out more effectively and required a website rewrite and redesign that highlighted how it can add value beyond other market players.


Modern design and crisp, jargon-free informative copy that shows how Sharp Equity differentiates itself amongst its competitors.

The prior static and flat home landing page was removed as it required effort to enter the site and failed to immediately connect with the viewer. The design now incorporates improved spacing, relevant images and is more personable than previously.

Copy is now bold, punchy and strongly resonates with fund managers who are looking for something different to the standard ‘sell-side’ investment banking investment research they may be used to. The viewer now also has a faster and better understanding of the product offered and the copy effectively hits the consumer’s pain points with value-intensive solutions at the forefront.

The structure of the site has also been re-wired, which now directly drives the reader to make contact for more information on how to subscribe to research services.

The website additionally has a private section for subscribers where research is accessed, with multiple pages that also required fresh new copy.


Independent and unconflicted, Sharp Equity’s research is knowledgeable, informative and differentiated and gets to the heart of the story with a key focus on performance.

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