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Shake off that slump and get motivated

We all get those days.

You know, those days when everything seems such a struggle. It seems so ‘meh’.

And sometimes, a day like that could turn into a few days like that. Or even a week or longer.

Somehow all the motivation that you had before has suddenly been zapped out of you.

So, what happened? Just last week you were an Energizer bunny, buzzing about that new client you landed or the new leads you got or the launch of your shiny new website.

And now? Its all gone.

So, what to do to get back on track?

The first thing you need to remember is that we can’t be motivated all of the time. If we were, we’d just burn out and be totally frazzled before long. Motivation isn’t something that was magically bestowed on you and now it’ll be with you forever.

At some point before your recent kick-ass motivated mindset, you weren’t motivated. But you got motivated somehow.

And if you’re not motivated now, does that mean the end is nigh? Does that mean that you won’t be motivated ever again? No, of course not.

Realise that motivation comes and goes. It rises and falls like the sun.

So, what you need to do is find that ‘something’ that will get your mojo back.

You need to actively take steps to make the change

Yes, it can be hard to change direction and take control. But try to remember what was the thing that motivated you in the first place? What built you up? What were the benefits?

It was likely that you were working towards something, whether that be in your business or personal life. It may have been to exercise more or reach a monetary milestone or eat healthier. What ever it was, there was a reason for doing it, with goals you attempted to work towards.

It’s time to refocus.

But you’ve probably got multiple goals. Forget about multiple goals.

Just think about one. One goal and focus on it.

If you concentrate on more than one thing at a time, you’re probably going to remain in your slump. Yes, sure, I want to go for a run every day and eat healthier and scale my business higher and launch a podcast and write a course. But I won’t be able to achieve it all if I attempt to do them all at once.

My motivation, whilst high at the start will drop quickly and fall through the floor.

One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Listen or talk to others

When we’re feeling down, we need a boost. And that boost can come from various places but the best place is from someone else who can provide it.

Talk to someone. It could be anyone from a loved one to a close friend or even a work colleague. Speak to someone who you trust who can help you build your motivation back.

Note that not everyone will agree with what you’re doing and some people wish to upset your plans. It happens. Just remember that often people aren’t motivated by what motivates you, so try not to take their negativity to heart. The way they think is a reflection of their mindset and not your ability to achieve your goals or if you’re able to make a success of your venture.

The idea is to turn your inspiration back into belief and excitement. Talking about your goals and aspirations with others and by explaining it to them makes you feel more accountable. Suddenly your desire to fulfil your goals rises and your motivation increases again.

If you can’t find someone to talk to, simply finding inspiration from reading articles or a motivational podcast could even do the trick.

Little steps lead to big strides

In line with what I said earlier about taking one step at a time, taking small steps to achieve your end goal may also be necessary.

I want to run 5k in under 25 minutes. But first I need to get under 30 minutes. Each time I go for a run I aim to reduce my time by at least 10 seconds.

Small steps.

And if your small steps seem too big…

Do baby steps.

Your first goal may be to build and launch your new website for your amazing new business, but you realise that there’s a lot to do.

  • Research website platforms.
  • Commit to one.
  • Strategise content.
  • Write brilliant web copy that builds and converts.
  • Design with colours, fonts, branding, logo etc.
  • Ensure everything fits together.
  • Launch.

But you know that implementing all of this with flawless ease isn’t going to happen. Just the thought of starting the process sends an anxious trickle of sweat down your spine.

But all you need to do is start.

Start with a casual review of one web platform.

Or browse other websites to get inspiration.

Or look up cool web designers or copywriters who could help you out.

Or even just think about what colours your website would incorporate.

Baby steps that get you back into the groove.

And then take another baby step. And another and soon your baby steps will turn into giant strides and you’ll be cookin’ on gas.

Think positively

It may sound obvious, but you should change your negative thought processes into positive ones.

To do this, you need to start to recognise your negative thoughts and every time one comes along, immediately replace it with a positive one.

So, if for instance:

“This is too difficult” could be replaced with “Let’s try to find a solution”.


“It costs too much money” could be replaced with “What can I afford within my budget”.


“Ugh. My to-do list is so long I’ll never complete it” could be replaced with “Today, I’ll do one task on my list. Just one. And then I will have made progress”.

Positive thinking is a powerful thing.

If you’ve implemented any of these tactics and it has worked for you, I’d love to know. Just send me a message.

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